Examples of How Psychology Affects the Everyday Workplace

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Some of us choose to ignore the role that psychology has in our everyday business lives. When you actually think about it though the handprints of the world of psychology are all over any job we ever have. Think about when you apply for any job doesn't it almost always list great communication skills as something you need to have? Having great communication skills is definitely a huge element of psychology. This is just one example of many about how psychology has made its way into the business world. Just as in everyday walks of life a big part of business is wondering how people are thinking and why they are doing whatever they do. So in this case psychology not only has a huge influence on our interactions humans, but in the business world as well. People are what drive businesses so when you think about it really makes sense. Let's take a look at some of the different areas in which psychology really drives certain aspects of your business.

Let's start with relationship building which is a huge part of psychology. As a business you will need to have strong relationships with clients, with potential suppliers, and most importantly your employees. There needs to be trust that is displayed in all aspects of all of these relationships. In the process of getting this trust, as a business we see true dividends, in other words we start to make money.  If people can trust you they stay with you for the long-haul, plain and simple.

Every business has clients, and every business is trying to satisfy the needs of those clients. Knowing how someone's mind works is a big part of psychology and a big part of business as well. You want to target and gear any marketing campaigns for new products towards what your clients need and want. If you fail in this aspect of business psychology it can lead to huge amounts of money being wasted which is something all businesses want to avoid at all costs.

What about communication? The dissemination of information and communication is huge for any business. All miscommunication does in the end is waste time this is true in both our business relationships and our personal ones as well. In the studying of different elements of psychology we can work on how to actively listen and be more self-aware of what we are saying so that we eliminate these time wasters going forward so the bottom line of the business is not affected.

Choosing who to add to your team is a new employee is a crucial part of any growing business. Have you ever added a wrong person to a team that was working well together? If so you know firsthand the damage that can do to a business. Sometimes is more important to pick someone who will fit in from a personality point of view them from maybe a qualifications point of view. If all is equal take the person who communicates well and who fits in from a culture standpoint.

A lot of these things that we went over in this piece may have already been something you were aware of. If however there was one new thing you learned as far as the correlation between psychology and the everyday business workplace then we think this was a article worth reading. Good luck in growing your business and hopefully now you realize the every day impact that the world of psychology has on you, your employees, and the success of your business.


The Importance of Understanding the Role Psychology Plays as a Business Owner


As a business owner you have a lot more hassle to deal with this day and age other than just offering quality products with quality service. Every day there is likely someone who is shooting to take your share of the marketplace in some corner of the globe. There's plenty of psychology that goes into effectively running a business in this day and age particularly when your work requires you to work with others. Almost any business owner will face the task of working with others and this could even include work with other companies. Whether it be a joint venture or a project with your own staff, how you handle certain aspects of those relationships and interactions can go a long way in the success or failure of your business.

As an owner you have to know that there are certain standards you are held to that are higher than everyone else. Successful business owners realize this and realize the importance of forming relationships with not only potential customers, but potential business partners as well. Having a nice demeanor and being able to create relationships will do you wonders in the long run. If there are several partners to choose from and someone cannot deal with you from a personal standpoint all things equal they will always choose the other partner, and can you blame them? The bottom line is when people can trust you they feel more comfortable expressing their creativity and in the process of that, the success you had as a business will follow. You want all of your communications to work in an effort to enhance the project rather than to ever negatively affect its outcome.

In order to get where you are today as a business owner you probably realize the importance of networking. It is important however though even after you achieve some success to continue networking. Attending networking events can help you meet like minded people, the same kind of people that you were interacting with in the first place that probably fostered your creativity to even start your business. Do not just look at every person you meet as a potential person who is trying to take down your business. Isolating yourself as a business owner is not only negative from a psychology standpoint, but from a mental sanity standpoint as well. Work on your interpersonal communication at these events and see your business blossom as a result.

As a business owner you must get peoples driving in the same direction to achieve a common goal. If employees know that the owner is a team player they are much more likely to follow suit. In all aspects of life we follow our leaders whether it be in the world of business, in a classroom, or on athletic playing field.

As an owner of a business you have a lot to worry about, but nothing is more important than your bottom line. If we neglect the role psychology plays in achieving our bottom-line goals we can get completely lost as a business. Your business was built on a set of core values that foster creativity and teamwork, and most of all relationship building. Never lose sight of that and your business will be in it for the long haul.


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